B-Plus Fix

Quick Overview

B-Plus Fix™ is the substitute fixative of choice for lymph node and bone marrow biopsies. B-Plus Fix™ balances the need for high quality results with the preference of using environmentally safe products. B-Plus Fix™ provides fixation that results in cytologic characteristics comparable to those produced by B5 and other mercury containing fixatives. With B-Plus Fix™ you can eliminate the hazards of mercury while still achieving the results you need. This is an environmentally attractive bone marrow fixative that produces histology comparable to those using mercury additives. It is also well suited for fixation of lymphoid tissues to be studied immunoc


  • 1734 B-Plus Fix 7mL x 196/cs (7mL bottle w/4mL fill)
  • 1738 B-Plus Fix, 250mL 
  • 1739 B-Plus Fix, 1 Pint 
  • 1740 B-Plus Fix, 1 Quart