FISH Zytovision


FlexISH® products are designed for identification of chromosomal aberrations on various specimens by Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH). Using the FlexISH® products gives you the flexibility to choose  between a 1-day  (2 h hybridization) or a 2-day (overnight hybridization) protocol by adapting the hybridization time just according to your individual needs! 

FlexISH® brings Flexibility to Your FISH

FlexISH® maximizes your flexibility in terms of time and laboratory management. Hybridization time can be varied between 2 hours and overnight.
With a hybridization temperature of 37°C the FlexISH® protocol is fully compatible with routine workflows in pathology laboratories.
In a recent comparison study, overnight and short hybridization periods showed excellent correlation between the FISH results obtained with FlexISH®, ZytoLight®, and PathVysion ERBB2 probes1.
Short hybridization time does not negatively affect the performance, specimen quality or diagnostic result1.