PAN-Biotech is a modern and innovative German company based in Aidenbach, Lower Bavaria. We develop, manufacture and distribute a broad range of biotechnological products for cell culture such as sera, media, serum-free systems, biologicals, reagents and other cell culture products. Since 1988 PAN-Biotech shows its strength with first-class quality products and excellent service for cell culture around the globe.

 PAN - Biotech Product list

  Product Description   Cat. No.
1   RPMI 1640 P04-18050 
DMEM with 1.0 g/L Glucose   P04-05551 
DMEM w: 4,5 g/l Glucose   P04-04510 
DMEM with 1.0 g/L Glucose   P04-05551 
Ham’s F10 Medium   P04-13050 
DMEM/F12 (1:1), w: stab. Glutamine   P04-41251 
MARROWPAN   P04-70200 
  FBS Good, EU approved P40-37500 
FBS Good, EU approved   P40-37100 
10  Amniopan   P04-70100 
11  Amniopan S2   P04-70101 
12  Amniopan III   P04-70103 
13  Hepes buffer 1M   P05-01100 
14  ITS Solution I (100x)   P07-03110 
15  L-Glutamine 200 mM   P04-80100 
16  Amphotericin B, 250 μg/ml    P06-01050 
17  Penicillin/Streptomycin   P06-07100 
18  Trypsin 0.25 %/1 mM EDTA in HBSS   P10-029100 
19  Trypsin 0,05 %/EDTA 0,02 % in HBSS   P10-038100 
20  Trypsin powder (1 : 250) porcine origin    P10-025100P 
21  Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) for cell culture   P60-36720100 
22  Lymphopan    P04-70700 
23  colcemid Solution,10µg/ml inDPBS   P07-91010 
24  Phytohemagglutinin-L   P05-01010 
25  Stable Glutamine 200 mM (100 x)      P04-82100 
26  Collagenase type I (Worthington - USA orgin)   LS0004194 
27  Collagenase type I (Worthington - USA orgin)   LS0004196 
28  Collagenase type IV (Worthington - USA orgin)   LS0004186 
29  Collagenase type IV (Worthington - USA orgin)   LS0004188 
30  Alpha MEM Eagle,with stable Glutamine    P04-21250
31  M199 with HBSS,with L-Glutamine   P03-2110 
32  M199 with HBSS,without L-Glutamine   P04-07753 
33  Kanamycin sulfate 5 mg/ml   P06-04100 
34  Kanamycin sulfate Powder   P06-04010P 
35  Dispase purified neutral protease   LS0002100 
36  DMEM with 1.0 g/L Glucose,with L-Glutamine   P03-0510 
37  DMEM with 4.5 g/L Glucose,with L-Glutamine    P03-0810
38  RPMI 1640,with L-Glutamine,without NaHCO3   P03-4310 
39 DMEM/F12 (1:1),with L-Glutamine P03-1110