Biochemical Reagents
We, BioFroxx, offer you in addition to the products of HiMedia and Biological Industries products for molecular biology as well as cell culture. 
This includes biochemicals like buffers, enzyme substrates or DNA- and protein markers. 
We put special emphasis on customer service and premium quality. This is why we happily produce your products according to your formulas and ship our products in the packaging sizes you want.
Product Description
1 Citric acid anhydrous powdered, pure EP,  
2 Cycloheximide for biochemistry   
3 Agar for microbiology   
4 Ammonium persulfate   
5  Dimethyl sulfoxide for cell biology  
6  Imidazole for synthesis  
7  L-Glutathione oxidized for biochemistry  
8 Propidium iodide for biochemistry   
9  Tris hydrochloride for biochemistry  
10 Tris Xtrapure for biochemistry   
11  Tris Xtrapure for biochemistry  
12 tri-Sodium citrate dihydrate pure EP   
13  Triton® X-100 for biochemistry  
14  Tween 20 for biochemistry