Our company – a privately managed enterprise based in Bremerhaven, Germany – has been operating successfully in the international market for more than 10 years and is widely regarded as a pioneer in high-quality diagnostic devices. More than 50 employees are working continuously to develop, improve, produce and package our products. And we are steadfast in our goal of ensuring that our product portfolio is always complete and up-to-date in our core areas of solid and haematological tumour diagnostics.









Zytomed Systems GmbH develops and distributes antibodies and reagents with an emphasis on immunohistochemistry. Our customers, which include diagnostic clinical institutes, the pharmaceutical industry and research laboratories, trust in our excellent service and the outstanding quality of our certified products.




Whether your need is for histology consumables such as reagent, kits or wax, cytology products such as cervical samplers or smear kits, or hematology and archiving, you can be sure that all products will have benefited from well-researched designs, proven in practice and are manufactured to high specifications using the most appropriate cost-effective materials and methods 











As an independent, medium-sized company, we specialize in the distribution and development of innovative products for human medical diagnostics. The focus is on biochemical and immunological reagents and detection systems. In addition to our own product lines, we also offer selected products from international cooperation partners. The program includes more than 1,500 products including primary antibodies, highly sensitive detection systems, chromogens and other reagents, as well as powerful immunostaining machines.







Cytomark (a division of Caltag Medsystems Ltd.), we are dedicated to the development of cell stabilisation reagents for use in flow cytometry.








Quality management at PAN-Biotech - Highest requirements for excellent products

The quality of the products and services of PAN-Biotech GmbH is complied with the highest demands of our customers as well as to its own demanding specifications.For many years PAN-Biotech has certified by the international quality management standards of DIN ISO 9001 and the strict EN ISO 13485 incl. CMDCAS (Canada) for medical devices 






AcZon is an Italian Company specializing in biotechnology that develops, produces and commercializes Silica Nanoparticles (Nanoprobes) -for diagnostic, clinical and research  fields- as well as a range of conventional reagents optimized for various applications.









Biopharmadx Company was founded in 2001 in Germany with the goal of becoming a super standard and best quality manufacturing company producing reagents and buffers for the life sciences worldwide marketing. Biopharmadx has the advantage of highly educated technicians and scientists who are famous for their superb quality and state-of-the-art technology in the biotechnology industry. Our scope of business can be categorized into two main areas: (a) uses of best raw materials and (b) Using the most up to date knowledgeto ensure that all manufactured products were of the highest quality. Nowadays, Biopharmadx produces a wide range of premium quality reagents in an ever increasing variety of fields such as histology, immunology, cytology and hematology.











Poth Hille 


Poth Hille is a leading UK and a major worldwide wax supplier.Founded almost 140 years ago, we are justifiably proud of our heritage but also recognise the needs and demands of both today's and future markets. Almost every year new uses for waxes are being discovered and at Poth Hille we pride ourselves in being ideally placed to react to your needs however challenging they may be.








BBC has served the anatomic pathology space for nearly 3 decades.  Founded by a pathologist seeking improved fixation and staining, BBC quickly grew into an industry leader in innovation, quality, and support. Today BBC Biochemical has multiple manufacturing and shipping locations within the US and BBC products are used in laboratories the world over.











ScyTek Laboratories was founded in 1991 with the goal of becoming a world class manufacturing company producing reagents for the life sciences market. ScyTek established itself in Utah which has the advantage of a highly educated workforce combined with a very low cost geographical area. From the beginning, ScyTek adopted a stringent raw material screening process to ensure that all manufactured products were of the highest quality.

Today, ScyTek produces a wide range of premium quality reagents in an ever increasing variety of disciplines including immunology, histology, cytology, microbiology and hematology.









CapitalBio Technology is an industry-leading life science company that develops and commercializes total health-care solutions. Our company provides a comprehensive portfolio of top-quality products to a diverse customer base ranging from biomedical researchers to healthcare professionals. Our products include an innovative and broad spectrum of microarray and microfluidic chips and related instruments, software and databases, reagents and consumables for basic and translational research, drug development, clinical diagnostics, biosafety and food safety, and molecular breeding.








 Our purpose is to provide the best and the highest quality products in the fields of Cytogenetic and Biotechnology, and to provide Cytogenetic laboratories with educational services throughout Iran. We hope that our sincere efforts deserve your trust. 







 Cytomark (a division of Caltag Medsystems Ltd.) is dedicated to the development of cell stabilisation reagents for use in flow cytometry. Based in Buckingham, we manufacture TransFix® and Blood Controls for scientists all over the world. We are committed to helping organisations reduce the pressure associated with the analysis of fresh samples, and also provide quality assurance that their equipment and sample processing procedures are performing optimally.








Innovative patented technology for collecting FNA cytology cell-blocks, making immunohistochemistry and molecular investigations simply better.A liquid phase Conversion to a solid phase in cytology samples.Used for bone marrow and other tissue samples FNA-CSF in the liquid phase.